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Thursday morning, July 25, 2013 at 06:58

Another day has been granted to me and I rejoice with a grateful heart. Already I have been out for a short walk to the mailbox and to wait at the bus stop with Kie. Following that I put out the garbage. This may not sound like much and certainly not exciting, but I am thankful to be able to do these things. Others cannot. I could have been dead and gone now... and then what? 

God has been gracious to me to extend my life and grant me a good recovery.

Yesterday would have been my grandfather's (MacDonald) birthday if he was still here. I remembered that detail yesterday. Alan posted a photo last week... taken in 1968, the year my grandfather turned 80. I think it was his actual birthday when the photo was taken. Hard to imagine that 45 years have passed since. The passing of time just does not stop. 

These days I look ahead to the future and hope to see a tomorrow. I cannot lament the past or dwell there. God has reminded me of that. I only have this present moment and a hope for tomorrow - and with these I live in gratitude.

Yesterday was also my class session (early discharge) at the hospital, mostly to learn about changes to make and to get ready for the cardiac rehab part. I think what was surprised me the most was the young man... 32 years old... and already he had a heart attack and a stent put in. He's an active, fit person too! I'm in this situation from living without much thought about what I ate or how I looked after my health. I'm rightly here by poor lifestyle choices and I was not immune from the consequences... I don't ask, "Why me?" because I really know why.

Nonetheless I have been given this second chance to remain here longer.

This morning I am supposed to go for another blood test to determine my I.N.R. and the dosage level of warfarin I have to take. Awful stuff that is, but maybe it is helping me to stay healthy and clot-free inside. Only God knows.

In these days of having to remain quiet and curtail some activities I have done some writing. I was able to break out of that block and continue with the next chapter in my fiction story... and it is moving along again. I don't really know if anyone reads that stuff... it is all on a blog... and too many hits are from search engine groups and not those who would be curious enough to read. Anyway, the blog gives me a paperless means to write and form the story. The internet provides me with pictures to use to illustrate some scenes. I think it is an interesting means to use.

I should get washed up and ready so I can eat breakfast before David comes to take me to the clinic.

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