Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Stone

From the files of information overload in this age of instant everything off the internet. 

Life is certainly different from what it was decades ago.

This kind of reflective writing is what happens when one discovers that the clock has never stopped ticking and time has run away.

For most of my life I have lived much of that time being afraid of what other people might think, only to discover after too many years later that what other people would think is none of my business and in the end does not really matter.

I wish I had discovered this fact decades sooner.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mom's 81st Birthday


Another year has passed and today, August 13, 2015, Mom is celebrating her 81st birthday. 

The sad part is that Alzheimer's disease has robbed Mom of knowing that today is her birthday. 

Mom may not be able to remember, but we are still able to.

Mom outside enjoying a warmer spring day.

Mom enjoyed life and did not ask for much. She valued the treasures that God gave her; those that even a Warren Buffet could never be able to buy.

Mom always wanted to take pictures to record what people were doing. Following are a few images from events in her life that were dear to her with people who were dear to her.

Milan, Quebec, June 20, 1953. Mom and Dad and their modest wedding reception held on the front lawn, a practice so typical of the descendants of the Hebrides.

Mom recorded this scene in Milan outside the "George D.A." home in summer 1967. That was the summer Aunt Shirley came east from Vancouver to see Expo 67 and to visit her family after a 14 year absence.

April 1970 in Scotstown, Quebec. Mom had arranged to celebrate her parents' 50th wedding anniversary in the Presbyterian church hall.

Mary McLeod (left) and Grandma (Mom's Mom) enjoying a laugh in summer 1973 on the beach once known as Jim Grant's Pleasant Point just outside Megantic. That was the summer when Monica came to visit and this was an outing Mom had arranged.

"Say not, “Why were the former days better than these?” For it is not from wisdom that you ask this."
(Ecclesiastes 7:10)

Addendum March 24, 2016

On Saturday evening, March 19, 2016 at 21:56, Mom quietly stopped breathing and passed away.

Mom on November 04, 2015... Alan captured one of the last really good images of her.

Mom on March 14, 2016. All may seem to be okay but appearances are deceiving. Dysphagia brought on by late stage Alzheimer's disease suddenly robbed Mom of the ability to eat or drink anything.

Mom on March 16, 2016 afternoon... appearing as if she was sleeping peacefully... but unable to tell us that she was hungry and thirsty.

Kimberly holding Grandma's hand on March 16, 2016.