Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday morning, July 13, 2013 at 11:25

Last Sunday afternoon, July 07, just after 17:05, my life truly changed forever. I walked into the Credit Valley Hospital and suffered a near fatal heart attack a few minutes later. I came home last Thursday and at times feel as if nothing has occurred, but now I know what title to give this new volume – “The Second Chance” 

I am not the person in the photo, but from what I was told, this is similar to what I went through.

The last words written to conclude my July 05 entry say what I am thinking now. I am truly grateful to be here a week later to enjoy this time. God’s favour has truly been upon me and I am grateful. I cannot claim any reason for His favour – I am not deserving, yet God has been kind and gracious to me anyway. I wish to declare and acknowledge His goodness in all things.

The inside cover holds my hospital identification bracelet and records the date I was admitted.

This has been quite a week and I’ll write and record events as I have heard about them and remember them, later on when I am alone and have time to reflect. Kimberly and family will be coming later.

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