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Usually when I start a new volume I feel a sense of something new and different – like a new start – but that is not the case or reality. As I start this new book, I come with a sense of uncertainty. Each completed volume speaks of days gone – many books piled up eventually speak of a life that has gone too.

The words that I have written in each volume are a record of my thoughts and feelings as well as a reflection of my beliefs and faith. I realize that what I have recorded becomes a record – one that can just as easily speak against me because of all my failings.

I am grateful today because God has given me another day of life. As I look around at all that is changing and that has changed in the world, I become aware of how much God has blessed me with Kie; the one person who has been with me for more than 33 years. I could never have made it through some of these challenges without her at my side.

“In peace I shall both lie down and sleep; for thou alone, O Lord, makest me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:8)

And this will be my request of the God of Israel.

Three years ago this date was my last day of working for my employer. I am surprised at how quickly the three years have passed. Little has been accomplished as I look back.

When I left the office three years ago, I was looking ahead at four years – when I was expecting to turn 60 and start collecting my C.P.P. payments. Now that doesn’t seem so far away. So far, Kie and I have managed to survive okay, but I do notice that money is tighter as our expenses creep higher.

Maybe I left working and career four years too soon, but I cannot change what has been. I can only try to make the best of what lays ahead – and only God knows what is ahead. As I look back over my life, I can see God’s goodness in all things - even in those that were painful. Our time here and our lives here are short, but God’s goodness endures for all generations. This is the hope of the future after we are gone – that succeeding generations are given the same gift without change in conditions and circumstances. Fallen human nature does not change and neither does God’s plan of redemption for the individual and the world.

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