Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday morning, July 05, 2013 at 08:48

Life is always unpredictable, and so is driving at any time. 

I was taking Kie to work and we were stopped at a red light. As soon as I accelerated to go, the car sounded like it had no muffler. At first I thought it may have been the car next to me and then I was certain it was my own car – from the gas pedal responses.

Anyway, the car is in the garage now and they will check it over and then let me know the “good news” later. I just hope this won’t be too expensive.

Yesterday I had someone come over and clean out the eaves troughs. Job was well done and I was happy with his work. Today is a steady rain and water is coming down as it should now.

I just heard from the garage. The entire exhaust system needs replacement – and that will cost me around $874.00 – which probably means more. I am glad, even grateful the problem came now near home and not on Highway 401. I am planning to go to Pierrefonds tomorrow. Better to have a car problem near home than when on the road.

This morning David was planning to bring over the gazebo but I asked him to wait for later. Not much point in doing that in the rain. I was also supposed to have breakfast in Centennial Park and then get my hair cut. Those plans changed because of the car. Again I say, life is certainly unpredictable, but I am grateful for this day that God has given.

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