Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry... too Busy

The world has become busy... very busy.

Human nature is beyond my comprehension. Experts analyze it, study it, explain it, and yet nonetheless I simply do not understand it. People baffle me. Sorry about that.

While seeing and observing an increasingly busy world, with an increasingly busy and impatient population what is increasingly busy, three question keep haunting me.

What are we so busy with?

Do we need to be so busy with whatever it is we are so busy with?

If we are so busy doing things, then why does it seem as if nothing ever gets done?

The Bible tells us, "There is nothing new under the sun."

I find this ancient statement to be comforting because the Bible tells me that I am not the first to be confused by human nature or the first to be baffled by it. These words of wisdom also indicate to me that I am not the first person to travel along this confused route through life, but even so, the trail does seem to be terribly overgrown. Solomon's accurate assessment of the situation also means this same trail shall remain terribly overgrown for anyone who follows this way long after I have passed by.

Do our lives in these busy cities appear before God to be like a kicked ant hill?

Truly I do not know. Sorry about that. 

I have just been too busy to stop, look and listen. Sorry about that too.

Written March 06, 1994
The Oddblock Station Agent

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